4Goats Forever Privacy Policy

4Goat Games/4Goats Forever does not collect any customer information outside of the information required for App Signing by Google Play in order to ensure secure distribution of 4Goats Forever.

4Goats Forever writes and reads a small amount of data to your device that is required for gameplay and unlocks. 4Goat Games/4Goats Forever does not use or read data from any other application.

4Goats Forever may access Network features on your device in order to transmit Leaderboard, Achievement progress to Google Play Services, you can opt out of this by choosing not to Sign In or by Singing Out of Google Play Services.

4Goats Forever does not transmit or collect any other data from your device other than those specified above. 

4Goat Games/4Goats Forever does not collect or distribute your data for sale or use to any other parties.

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